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So, Why Source Telecom?

…convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind for your business, backed up with the best customer service and technical support.

When you're down to the wire, one call to Source Telecom does it all

Why choose Source? What it means for you and your business

Based in Scotland's central belt between Glasgow and Edinburgh, all calls come directly into, and are dealt with from, our Falkirk office.

No more far-flung call centres and racking up expensive bills while you're on hold to the mobile networks or your landline provider.

We will appoint a dedicated and experienced account handler from our customer services team to look after your account.

A fully managed service and an experienced account handler who will get to know your business and offer advice on other suitable telecoms solutions.

We select our technology partners carefully, ensuring they are a right fit for us and for your business. Did we mention that we're also independent of all networks?

We have dedicated teams in these companies working on our behalf. This makes us even more effective when we're working for you. And best of all, you don't pay us for this - our partners do. You will always receive trustworthy and impartial advice from Source Telecom.

We regularly review your bills and have a first-class track record of obtaining credits when we find billing discrepancies.

We can save your business money - month after month after month.

Our monthly billing checks tell us where you could be making savings, when there have been any overspends, or if there has been abuse of the telephony service by your employees.

We get to know your business and your usage. When it comes to telecoms, we have your back. This isn't something that can be said of the networks.

We don't just sell telecoms solutions. We sell convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Our partners

We carefully select our partners to ensure they complement and add value to what we can do for your business. Together, we provide the most cost-effective telecoms solutions that are right for your business, and your people. We are proud to partner with: