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Business Landlines

Whether you're a small business employing 10 people or a large corporate company with upwards of 200 staff, your phone system will be integral to effective customer, and internal, communication.

1% Minimum Savings

When it's down to the wire,
Source Telecom can save you money.

We can help you find the right fixed landline package for your business by looking at your existing line costs and provide evidence of savings.

Transferring your line is free and because you'll keep your existing numbers there will be no disruption to your existing service.

For most businesses, a fixed landline is crucial for connecting with customers, suppliers, and staff. With our technology partner, Source Telecom can provide your business with great call tariffs and savings of at least 10% on line rental.

We offer a variety of business fixed landlines and to ensure there's minimal disruption to your day-to-day business we promise to be faster and better than the UK's largest provider when it comes to order process, delivery of service and customer service.

Here are our top six reasons for switching your business landlines to Source Telecom:

  • Save your business money

    We can provide exceptional call tariffs and savings on line rental.

  • Custom Tariffs

    For heavily called destinations, speak to your account handler about providing you with a custom tariff.

  • Solutions to suit your business needs

    We will audit your existing landline costs and provide evidence of where savings can be made and then provide the right package for your business - whether it be analogue lines, multilines, ISDN2e, ISDN30e, SIP services or even a combination.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    Not only is our trusted and experienced customer service team based in Scotland but you will be assigned your own account handler who will get to know the needs of your business and be able to offer advice on other suitable telecoms solutions.

  • Transferring is cost and hassle free

    Transferring your line is free and we can guarantee no disruption to your existing service. You can even keep your existing numbers!

  • Fresh. Simple. Trusted.

    Need we say more?

If you're interested in switching to Source then we'd like to hear from you - let's talk.

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