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Wednesday 7th March 2018

Coming soon: Samsung S9 and S9+

Coming soon: Samsung S9 and S9+

Forever proving to be a popular alternative to Apple’s iPhone, Samsung will release their latest smartphones next week and it’s entirely possible that they’ve raised the tech bar even higher.

The first company to ever adopt an edge-to-edge display, the latest models won’t disappoint – coming with a heap of interesting features such as:

  • “SuperSpeed Dual Pixel” camera – some experts are going so far as to say the camera on the S9 is better than the camera on the Pixel 2 and the iPhone X.
  • “Super Slow-mo” video functionality with motion detection. This means you won’t miss a minute of recording action! Start recording a normal-speed video and once motion is detected in the frame, the camera will switch automatically to Super Slow-mo.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Emojis - Samsung urge you to turn your selfies into an AR Emoji that will mimic your facial expressions, head gestures, and your mouth movements.
  • The “Bixby Live Translation” isn’t a new phenomenon (i.e. when you point your phone camera at text in a foreign language and it’ll translate it for you) as the feature is available in numerous free apps. But interestingly, it’s available on the S9 in the main camera app which just makes it more readily available to you.


In terms of the handsets themselves, they’re made from a new series of aluminium making them a sturdier option. They’re also thicker but smaller in length, and narrower, than the previous S8 and S8+ handsets. The screen is brighter than previous models and in terms of battery power, the Galaxy S9 can provide an impressive 1.5 days of usage after a single charge.

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