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Thursday 18th February 2016

Is your mobile tariff bleeding your business dry?

Is your mobile tariff bleeding your business dry?

Mobile phone users reportedly waste £5 billion a year because they're on the wrong tariff. That’s sobering news given that many businesses tend to think that a major network provider will be cheaper. This could be down to the lure of the brand new shiny phone, offered as part of an attractively priced monthly tariff. While we can recognise that mobile handsets are essential business tools, we need to know that they can meet all our solutions’ needs in order to justify their monthly cost. What happens then if those needs aren’t being met? What if you’re paying more than you should?


Here at Source Telecom, we know from experience that choosing the right tariff is potentially more important than choosing the right handset. Where is the benefit to your business and ultimately your customers, if you are handcuffed to an expensive, 24-month tariff that's costing more than it needs to? If you can’t keep your overheads down then there are fewer savings to pass on to your customers, and if you can't do all in your power to help number one - your customer - then everyone suffers.


It’s always a shock for customers who come to us for help to then learn that their network provider owes them money. It’s always a welcome relief when we tell them we can get that money back for them. That’s one of the most enjoyable ways to begin a business relationship and from there it can only get better because an independent broker like Source Telecom is going to run your telecoms solutions for you while you get on with growing your business.


It’s all about discovering exactly what your business requires and giving you expert advice and great customer service to achieve this. We build a solution from the ground up. If you are a new business and have no data or tariffs for us to audit, we will explore with you what you need, such as a certain suite of mobiles with particular data and functions. We will put you on a monthly tariff to gauge what you use. This helps us to determine what is best for you and to ensure we can get you on the right tariff. Put simply, we maximize your productivity and minimise your spending.

If you are already in business, regular audits are a key element of our independent, impartial and expert customer service. We pool your bills and if we see an unnecessary spending increase, we will get that money back for you. This means you can plough the money back into your business and filter the savings down to your customer. Earning your trust and retaining your loyalty is as vital for our business as it is for yours. With dedicated Source Telecom account handlers, each customer has a relationship with us, whether you need solutions for 5 employees or 550.

At Source Telecom we pride ourselves on never having to resort to upselling to force you to buy telecoms solutions you don’t need. If an independent broker is honest about wanting the best for a customer and therefore retaining that customer's loyalty then every action has to be about proving this. That's why we've got customers who’ve been with us since Source Telecom opened for business in 2004.