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Vehicle Tracking

Our innovative solutions for tracking your lone workers, fleet vehicles, and mobile devices can reduce your costs and help your business meet its regulatory obligations.

Reducing the risk: Safeguarding your business' biggest assets

Source Telecom, with our technology partner, can offer your business complete visibility of your staff and fleet vehicles.

Our solutions for tracking your people, vehicles, and mobiles can help improve workforce time management, reduce your fleet fuel costs, and ensure you comply with your legal obligations.

Our GPS tracking solutions start from less than £10 per month.

Lone worker protection

For businesses employing lone workers operating in remote or hazardous locations, or entering areas that pose a risk to personal safety, Source Telecom’s smartphone solution will revolutionise the way you monitor these employees, and ensure you fulfil your regulatory obligations.

Here's a quick summary of what our Lone Worker Protection App has to offer:

Comprehensive fleet tracking

For fleets of all sizes, Source Telecom’s innovative fleet tracking and 3G video SmartCam incorporates a GPS, HD video, 3G connectivity, Android touch screen and Bluetooth. A future-proof solution, the SmartCam will provide your business with a range of benefits such as increased fuel savings, decreased wear and tear on your fleet vehicles, not to mention safeguarding your business against fleet misuse.

Here's a quick summary of what the SmartCam has to offer:

Trust Source to safeguard your employees and fleet.

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